June 14, 2015

Editing & Proofreading

But all I need is spell-check, right?

Wrong! Proofreading and editing (by a real-life person) are crucial for ensuring that your material is correct, complete and consistent before it goes to publication – no matter what medium you’re working in.

BFLD can edit and develop content and structure (as required) to ensure smooth-flowing, accessible and idiomatic text without compromising your aims or budget. It takes skill and experience to look at a text with a holistic view – right from (yep) spelling and punctuation, tone of voice and wording to the set up of the document ready for publication. Investing in good, clear communication from the outset will save both time and money in the longer term.

I have an excellent reputation for handling all aspects of publication – from liaising with authors and artists, writing briefs and editing, to project management, scheduling and budget allocation.

I also offer a unique service to non-native speakers of English who need to polish academic journal and conference papers: BFLD will ensure your arguments and ideas are lucid and clear so that readers and reviewers can focus on what is important.