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Brown Fox Lazy Dog (BFLD) offers editorial support and creative writing for publishing and marketing projects. Whether you require enticing copy for adverts, websites or marketing campaigns, or need inspiration to shape and edit existing text, BFLD provides excellent service from start to finish.
On brief, on budget, on time.
  • Much more than simply checking for typos. Stylish, concise and grammatically correct text is vital to your professional credibility. From schoolbooks to academic papers, BFLD will ensure you say what you want in the best way possible.
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  • Want a website but don't have time to write it? Need copy for an up-coming marketing campaign quickly? Let me help. BFLD creates stylish and imaginative copy that will speak to your audience whilst keeping your message crystal clear. I will listen to your ideas and help you find your voice.
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  • Avoid those cringe-worthy translation mistakes with high-quality translation and transcreation services from BFLD. Working from French to English I can ensure smooth-flowing, idiomatic text that only a native speaker can achieve.
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